9 Other Basic Thai Phrases for Beginners

Please note: For simplicity, all conversation below will be using female terms (i.e. “chan” for I, “ka”) for ending particle. For guys, please replace “chan” with “phom” and “ka” with “krap”.1. I like / dislike [something]Chan choop / mai choop [something] ka ฉัน ชอบ / ไม่ชอบ [something] ค่ะ2. I want / do not want [verb]Chan […]

Saying Hello in Thai

: If speaking to someone who may be considered to have higher status than you (teacher; boss; girlfriend’s parents, etc), is older or the first time you meet:**สวัสดี (sawasdee) + ครับ(khrap)/ ค่ะ (kha)- *standard greeting + polite gender particle**หวัดดี (wat dee) + ครับ/ ค่ะ( khrap /kha)- Still polite because of the particle, but less formal.** […]